Friday, August 9, 2013

A new band...for ME!

I've discovered a new band! Sure, it's not really new, but it is to me. Skimmed over to 30-meters to check it out and WHAM! In just a few minutes, I racked up some really cool DX stations. For a humble guy like me, running 40 watts into a tiny loop antenna, the Czech Republic is something special. Follow that with the Canary Islands, and I'm hooked. Of course, 30-meters is all digital, but that's fine with me since I truly enjoy PSK31. Tune in and check it out. 30-meters is HOT.

Need to Re-Flash my Mesh!

I wish this mine looked this good!
A new version of the Mesh Node software has been released. It looks good, but it is an all or nothing version. The new version will NOT communicate with the old version, so if I flash one, I'll have to flash them all. Actually, it sounds like a fun weekend activity. We will see. If you haven't gotten on the mesh badwaggon yet, here's the link: