Ham Radio Resources

Here's a list of some Ham Radio-related links on the web.

Ham Radio Clubs

Rusk County Amateur Radio Club - www.RuskCountyARC.com
Longview East Texas Amateur Radio Club - www.letarc.org
East Texas Emergency Communication Service, Inc. - www.etecs.org
American Radio Relay League - www.arrl.org

Ham Radio-Related Sites

Winlink - Email over the radio
APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System, location and information network
Direwolf - Software-based TNC for use with computer and a sound card (such as a Pi)

Technology / Information

Blitzortung - Real-time lightening map
Raspberry Pi - $35 computer
WeeWX - Linux software that supports amateur radio weather stations
SPC Outlook - Storm Prediction Center's severe weather outlook