Friday, May 27, 2016

Cell phones cause cancer...Uh?

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has published a more balanced (although not completely hysteria-free) article on the study.

Cancer from RF? Buckle your seatbelts folks because the roller coaster is just getting started. Like an early teaser trailer for an upcoming blockbuster movie, the first few details from a new study looking for a connection between radio waves and cancer were released this week. The headline screamed the sensational claim: “'Game-Changing' Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer”. However, what the study actually found may be far from settled.

First, let me say I have a great interest in this topic. Not only am I an amateur radio operator who uses relatively high powered RF devices on a frequent basis, I also lost a close friend (and former boss) to brain cancer. Although he was just 37 when he died, he had already spent many years using early model cell phones and other equipment in the broadcast radio industry where he, no doubt, was exposed to much higher levels of RF than the average citizen.

Do I want there to be link between RF exposure and cancer? No, absolutely not. However, do I want to find a away to prevent the cruel decline and death that my friend and his family endured? Absolutely. Let's be absolute in both cases.

Let's take a look at the study's report and dig through some of the findings.

First, the report is NOT a complete report on the study. According to its authors, it only “presents partial findings” of the study and notes that analysis of the complete data is still being conducted. The