Friday, August 9, 2013

A new band...for ME!

I've discovered a new band! Sure, it's not really new, but it is to me. Skimmed over to 30-meters to check it out and WHAM! In just a few minutes, I racked up some really cool DX stations. For a humble guy like me, running 40 watts into a tiny loop antenna, the Czech Republic is something special. Follow that with the Canary Islands, and I'm hooked. Of course, 30-meters is all digital, but that's fine with me since I truly enjoy PSK31. Tune in and check it out. 30-meters is HOT.

Need to Re-Flash my Mesh!

I wish this mine looked this good!
A new version of the Mesh Node software has been released. It looks good, but it is an all or nothing version. The new version will NOT communicate with the old version, so if I flash one, I'll have to flash them all. Actually, it sounds like a fun weekend activity. We will see. If you haven't gotten on the mesh badwaggon yet, here's the link:

Monday, July 8, 2013

New life for the Henderson repeater

Keith (KN5G) has done a little magic and pulled a rabbit out of his hat and it resonates like a repeater! A little background is in order. The new Rusk County ARC decided it needed to move the old repeater from the soon-to-be dismantled water tower to a new location. But after hooking up the repeater to an old antenna at Jerry's Wrecker service (thanks Jerry!) it just wasn't performing. So Keith did a little digging and figured out that we were actually lighting up a small yagi and not the 2meter verticals we intended. So a snip her and a splice there, and BOOM--we've got a great new signal. Still not quite what is was on the water tower, but pretty good! Check it out in Henderson at 146.78MHz (PL131.8).

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Roof, Same Antenna

We recently had a new roof installed on our home after a thunderstorm drop a load of hail on it. The roof looks great and the roofers made sure to leave the antenna in place and ready for use.

Today was the first chance I'd had to get on the bands in a long while. Jumped on amid some QRM and caught a quick QSO to K8WAW in Maryland. Thanks Bill!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Field Day 2010

Hard to believe, but another Field Day has come and gone. Peyton and I went to Emory this year to visit the guys from the Rains and Hopkins County Ham Clubs.

They set up inside the Rains County EOC building in downtown Emory. Peyton worked nearly half a dozen contacts on 20-meters while we were there.

We had a great time and even got a few ideas for a new home-brew small 20-meter 2-element yagi. Very cool!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ideas for QSL cards

Ok, we all love to get them, so how can you be unique? As an ad guy (my day job) I'm always looking for ways to stand out.

So here are some ideas - snap a shot of yourself while working a station then upload it to walmart and print a custom card each time. For just a few cents each you can have it printed on photo paper.

Or even better, print plastic "credit-card" style cards. I guarantee that no one has ever gotten a QSL card like this! Go to, upload your image and boom! They also make GREAT eyeball cards for the next ham fest!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Testing the band

Today was my daughters birthday, but that didn't stop me from getting a few minutes of PSK work in. Stumbled across a HOT band full or guys calling CQ TARA.

After discovering that TARA was a PSK contest by the Troy Amateur Radio Association, I answered several CQs and logged a few new contacts. My son even made one during a brief visit to the shack.

Also managed to pull in a French station this afternoon. Love this mode!