Monday, April 11, 2016

New Weather Station Online

After a couple of failed starts, I've finally got a new weather station up and running. The station itself is an AcuRite 2064 with a 5-in-1 Sensor Combo, located just outside my office window.

I run Linux on my office computer and don't keep it on all the time, so I decided I wanted a dedicated system to maintain the station data. So, I spent some time trying to get an older Raspberry Pi computer up and running with weewx to accept the data and upload it to the internet. Finally got it working and the data is now uploading to (via APRS-IS) as well as WeatherUnderground.

Coincidentally, we've had some storms and rain come through today, it's already getting a work out!

Here's a link to the Weather Underground site and a link to the APRS site.