Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Low-power antenna build

I decided to try and miniaturize my EFHW antenna. I typically use this kind of antenna with one of my QCX-minis or my QDX (both from QRP Labs) so it would never see more than about 8 watts maximum. So far, I've always built them with FT140-43 cores which work very well, but are somewhat bulky. A friend said they didn't really look like "QRP" antennas to him, so I thought I'd try something smaller.

To build this mini-version I used use two stacked FT50-43 cores, so yes, they are small. I wound them like some of my others to be 64:1 transformers using 3 turns on the primary and 24 on the secondary. I included a 100pf capacitor as well. Then sealed the whole thing inside some shrink tubing.

I cut a wire for 20m and tested it out and it tuned very well. Next, I'll take it to the field and try it out in

a real-world situation and see how it performs!