Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hopelessly connected to you...

I finally broke down and ordered a CAT cable for my FT-840. Got it off ebay from Steve Gwilliam, who builds them himself. GREAT cable! Nicely built and a great dealt for about $20.

The only hitch I ran into is that the FT-840 runs on 4800 baud, which is not the norm. A little tweaking and I figured out the problem. Set it right and BOOM! There was full control from Ham Radio Deluxe.

Now I'm hooked!

It's awesome. I really enjoy the power of clicking my mouse and watching the readout change. I know, many of you have done this for years and say I'm just now joining the 21st century. I don't care It's still WAY cool.

Also, signed up for Also, a very cool application. Love the "ON AIR" sign that posts directly the panel on the right. Had a little trouble with the custom colors in the script set up, but I fixed that with a custom style line in the html.