Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. Yaesu, you are now under my control

Wow! I've been waiting patiently for Her Majesty's best postal workers, along with some assistance from our own, to deliver a brand new C.A.T. cable for my FT-840. And finally, today, it arrived.

I hooked it up. Fired up HRD, choose the FT-840 option and poof...errors. I did it again...errors. I curled my lip...errors. I downloaded the instruction sheet, which detailed everything I'd already done, tried again and...errors.

No frequency read...no memory write...nothing.

A little Googling and the there it was. The FT-840 requires a baud rate of 4800. Suddenly, the system roared to life!

All I can say is AWSOME. I can feel the power! And I look good doing it!